quick bite: Bristol Lounge – “Let’s Split It”

A special occasion, calls for a special desert and the “Let’s Split It” cake at the Bristol Lounge is special.  This treat is six layers of chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream in between topped with a truffle ganache and a little bit of gold leaf.  Not only does it taste as good as it sounds, but it’s also gigantic. The menu says that is serves two to four people, but five of us shared it and still had a little to take home.  (I am interested in meeting the two people who ate this by themselves.)  Normally gigantic deserts are an out of control mess and you feel like a glutton for even ordering it. “Let’s Split It” is neat and elegant. There is no sauce, no ice cream, no frills.  This cake doesn’t need it.  It is moist and rich, dominated by the chocolate flavor but still balanced because of the buttercream.
The Bristol Lounge is in the Four Seasons Hotel so the setting and service are as sophisticated as the cake.  They have sofa seating letting you relax and take your time as you enjoy it. But as much as the size of the cake and the setting make it distinctive, what really matters is that this is one of best pieces of chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted. When you want to impress with a special desert you can’t do much better than the “Let’s Split It” cake at the Bristol Lounge.

Bristol Lounge
200 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116

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