quick bite: Steak at Beacon Hill Bistro

Good chefs know how important salt is.  The best restaurants don’t put salt on the table.  They salt the food perfectly and you never need to ask for it.   Beacon Hill Bistro puts salt-shakers on the table.
Steak TartareTwo dishes highlighted the salt problem: steak tartare and steak frites.  The steak tartar was nicely presented topped with a quail egg and served with house made potato chips.  The meat was tender and fresh and I still hold out a lot of hope for the dish, but the meat was completely unsalted.  The potato chips on the other hand were too salty.  Eaten together it almost balanced out, but even adding a few more capers would have improved the dish.  If this had been the only salt problem, I would probably be recommending Beacon Hill Bistro and telling you more about the friendly service and the cozy dining room with plenty of windows looking out on Charles Street.
Steak FritesThe steak frites, like the tartare, was well presented.  They were even good enough to add a perfectly cooked sunny side up egg on top of the steak, but the steak was horribly over-salted.  It’s a shame.  I’m not a big fan of sirloin steak, but it was nicely cooked to medium rare.  I don’t know if the flavor of the meat was any good because I couldn’t taste it over the salt, but it was tender enough and maybe if the salt was right, it would have been really good. A side note on the fries, they were a little under cooked, but a good thickness for steak frites. There was a side of ketchup, which is boring, but not problematic.  And of course they were over-salted, but just a little.

I can’t recommend Beacon Hill Bistro, but I wouldn’t hesitate to give it another try.  The staff was friendly.  The drinks were good.  I enjoyed the atmosphere.  Other dishes looked tempting.  Unfortunately, my food just wasn’t good and the only thing that was wrong was the salt, but if they can’t get that right I just can’t suggest that you go there.

Don't GoBeacon Hill Bistro
25 Charles Street
Boston, MA 02114

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3 responses to “quick bite: Steak at Beacon Hill Bistro

  1. Great post, reminds me why I rarely eat out anymore, most restaurants use too much salt, IMHO maybe because they don’t use enough herbs or spices to bring out the flavor of food instead rely on salt. Too much salt tastes bad, masks the real taste of foods, and doesn’t do your body any favours!

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