Donuts with a Difference Boston cream – pictures to make you #hungry


Boston Cream Donut from Donuts with a Difference in Medford, MA

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11 responses to “Donuts with a Difference Boston cream – pictures to make you #hungry

    • It is much better than the Dunkin Donuts one. Boston has a lot of good independent donut shops and it is in the middle of the pack for those.

    • My favorite donuts are at Ohlin’s in Belmont, MA. The dough they use is spectacular. For that reason I usually get a maple frosted there, but I think they have a very good Boston cream too. Union Square donut has a good one too. When Zagat did their 50 counts in 50 states they picked the Union Square Boston cream. My favorite Boston Cream, however, is at Donna’s Donuts in Tewksbury, MA. It is bigger than a Dunkin Donuts one, has a ton of custard in it, and very good chocolate! Hope you get to try all three though.

      • i have had Ohlin’s maple frosted, it’s delicious! i really like their strawberry frosted too, it tastes like they use real strawberries. i will have to scout out the other spots you mentioned! i really like Kane’s donuts too.

    • I just visited your page. I worked in Lowell and I love Cambodian food. Homemade is best, but do you have a favorite spot to go to for Cambodian cuisine?

      • i haven’t been to a ton of restaurants in Lowell, but I’ve been to Simply Khmer twice and i think it has pretty good, authentic Khmer food.

        Also Red Rose is good for kuy theav (aka pho) but it’s a biased recommendation because they’re family. =)

      • It’s good to have family in the restaurant business! I always end up at Tepthida Khmer because my Cambodian “family” is friends with the owner there. They also like Red Rose a lot. We have been there a few times. I have never been to Simply Khmer cause they don’t like it but everyone says it’s good so I might go without them.

  1. If ever in NC, try Daylight Donuts (North Raleigh) or Sandra’s (Sanford). In Maine, check out Frosty’s (Brunswick). All use the donut recipe that includes potato flour, which gives the best texture (IMHO!). Of course, I grew up on Frosty’s, which prejudices me.

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